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Gta Sa Hot Coffee Mod Save Games [TOP]

hi I ran the downgrade program to change the version of san andreas from v2 to v1. I installed the hot coffee mod, but when I press Y for coffee with the girl, I just get a black screen and I have to use ctrl-alt-del to get out.

Gta sa hot coffee mod save games


Can you give me the link to the enhanced version of Hot Coffee made by ZAZ in a pm? I tried to open a saved game that was from saved using the hot-coffee mod and in the saved game it has hot-coffee checked. Im getting the blank screen and then I tab out and then it says not responding.

Nvm, I figured it out. I went to Zaz's website and he had a better mod, its like hot coffee but your girlfriend follows you everywhere and you can have sex anywhere, its awesome. I also installed the Nude Cj skin, so he's nude when having sex. LOL. I love this game.

Key people also involved you can look up: Hillary Clinton, Jack Thompson, Doug Lowenstein, Devin Winterbottom (who said Rockstar leave open their games for Modders!!), Paul Eibeler of Take2 at that time, CEO

Save games after every mission for a V2 version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. No mods/cheats.I was creating some saves for V2 of the game as they're useful to me, and uploaded them in case anyone else wants them for whatever purpose.

I installed the 2 script files into the directory data/script, and i backed up the originals. Then when I started up SanAn, after loading my savegame it resulted in a crash to desktop. Can someone help me? The savegame is not corrupt as it worked with the default files.

First off, you have to turn Frame Limiter ON under the Advanced Display menu. Like previous versions of GTA, San Andreas ties many animations directly to frame rates. If you have a fast computer and enjoy high frame rates, during the mini games, CJ will move too quickly for you to keep up. Turn Frame Limiter ON, and CJ will slow down, and you will get through the mini games -- they're actually ridiculously easy.

If you're just curious, use the sacensor portion of Hot Coffee to flip the game's censorship status. Sacensor allows you to use existing saved games and can return San Andreas to censored mode, if you decide later that the mini games do not add any real value to your gaming experience. Run sacensor after starting San Andreas and loading the game you normally play. ESCape to the game menu, then ALT-TAB to the Windows desktop. Launch sacensor, which reports the current censorship state of the game and asks if you wish to change it. Return to San Andreas by clicking on the minimized GTA: San Andreas button in the Windows toolbar -- DO NOT use ALT-TAB to return to the game.

The name "Hot Coffee" refers to the way the released game alludes to unseen sex scenes. In the unmodified game, Carl takes his girlfriend to her front door and she asks him if he would like to come in for "some coffee". If the player agrees, the camera stays outside, swaying back and forth a bit, while moaning sounds are heard along with various comments from Carl and his girlfriend. Since the camera is outside the house, all of these sounds are severely muted. "Coffee" is usually offered once Carl reaches a certain relationship percentage, although if he has collected all the oyster pick-ups, coffee is offered automatically, even after the first date.

The sex minigame feature was disabled from the game before release, but not actually removed. The files containing the mini-game content were soon discovered and Patrick Wildenborg (through his online account PatrickW) released the Hot Coffee mod to enable it. The PC mod itself is only an edited copy of the main game script file ("main.scm") with a single bit changed. The mod was also made possible on the console versions by changing the bit inside a user's saved game file or by using a third-party modding device. The mod was first released for download on PC in June 9, 2005 through and was released for the PS2 and Xbox soon after.

The revelation of the mini-games existence, its explicit content, and Rockstar's attempt to cover it up soon made it a minor international news story from various media outlets. Repercussions due to its discovery varied from intense public and media scrutiny to legal and political action being taken against it.

Activist and then attorney Jack Thompson and other anti-gaming advocates denounced the Hot Coffee mod in the media, as if it were an existing feature of the game that children could easily stumble across. Thompson had previously been involved in a number of suits against Rockstar regarding in-game violence from previous Grand Theft Auto titles as a possible influence on murderers who played the games.

On June 8, 2006, Rockstar, Take-Two and the FTC settled. They are required to "clearly and prominently disclose on product packaging and in any promotion or advertisement for electronic games, content relevant to the rating, unless that content had been disclosed sufficiently in prior submissions to the rating authority." Should the companies violate the settlement they are liable for $11,000 in civil penalties.

On July 29, 2005, as a result of the newly discovered scenes, the (OFLC) Office of Film and Literature Classification (Australia) revoked the game's "MA15+" classification (the highest available for computer games in Australia at the time), and changed the game's status to "RC" (Refused Classification) meaning that the original version could no longer be sold in Australia. The patched version was given an "MA15+" classification on September 12, 2005.

On all subsequent releases of GTA San Andreas starting with 2.0 (see above), Rockstar removed all code and models relating to Hot Coffee completely. The 2.0 version also made modding other areas of the games files more difficult or impossible as a consequence. The 3.0 version released on Steam made it even more difficult to mod or even downgrade to an earlier version of the game.