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Early in the story, he IS a dumbass. I wanted to show him growing and changing. So, without you getting snippy and rude, try speaking normally and give me an example from the story. Because what you're describing is exactly what I abhor about other games. I know I made him a little naive through the beginning. And there is a part where he (understandably) doesn't want Kat to get pissed off. This is a fairly human situation. You describe him as a baby, crying in a corner sucking his thumb. I know damn well I didn't write him THAT bad. I admit I fucked up a lot of things through the beginning of Serenity, it was my first VN after all. Much of it will be getting rewritten.

Meet And Fuck Games Collection Maczip

Not gonna lie, i went into this one with not much in the expectations department, particularly in the early part of the game. Then again, i usually dont expect much from games of this nature, helps with pleasant surprises. As such, I never expect a good story, not the best character design or music choice to fit scenes. Boy howdy, this game was all of that and then some. and by some i mean a metric fuck tonne. This game pulled me in in like few have managed to, both with the story as well as the design. I know its a job very well done when i have a hard time deciding the best gril (white lena is winning but by a very slight margin, with trixy at 2nd) lol.

As for the art, i couldnt ask for much better tbh. A lot of other games have a tendency to go a little uncanny valley with CG rendering, but you sidestepped that beautifully. Each girl is fucking adorable, and I sincerely regret not having the power to reach into the screen and give them all headpats (among other things if theyll have me lol). The backgrounds are all nice and bright, if a little primitive but they dont look bad and are well lit in a convincing way. i can imagine that its pretty hard to pull that off. the art gets a 9/10 from me. id comment and rate on gameplay as well but frankly the story more than makes up for that, while choices would be cool to see i dont think theyre necessary in this case. i had plenty of fun just reading thru. 076b4e4f54


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