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Paan Singh Tomar: A Biopic of an Athlete Turned Bandit

Paan Singh Tomar: A Biopic of an Athlete Turned Bandit

Paan Singh Tomar is a 2012 Hindi film directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and starring Irrfan Khan in the titular role. The film is based on the true story of Paan Singh Tomar, a national champion athlete and army soldier who became a notorious dacoit in the Chambal region of India.

The film follows the life of Paan Singh Tomar from his humble beginnings in a village in Morena district to his glory days as a steeplechase runner who won seven national championships and represented India in international events. It also depicts his disillusionment with the system that failed to recognize his achievements and support his family, and his eventual transformation into a rebel who waged a war against the corrupt authorities and landlords.

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The film received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of the socio-political scenario of rural India, its gripping narrative, its authentic cinematography, and its powerful performances. Irrfan Khan delivered a flawless performance as Paan Singh Tomar, bringing out his wordless strivings, joys, despair, and rage with subtlety and intensity. Mahie Gill played his wife Indra with restraint and grace. The supporting cast, including Vipin Sharma, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Rajendra Gupta, also did justice to their roles.

The film won several awards, including two National Film Awards for Best Feature Film and Best Actor, three Filmfare Awards for Best Film (Critics), Best Actor (Critics), and Best Screenplay, and a Screen Award for Best Actor. The film was also praised by international critics and audiences, and was screened at various film festivals.

Paan Singh Tomar is a sports film that needed to be made. It's high time cinema took a look into the dark side of the pathetic manner in which sportspersons are treated in this country. And Paan Singh Tomar does that with empathy and sincerity.

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The film also explores the complex and contradictory nature of Paan Singh Tomar as a person and a legend. He was a patriot who served his country with pride, but also a rebel who defied the law and order. He was a loving husband and father who cared for his family, but also a ruthless leader who killed his enemies without mercy. He was a sportsman who respected his opponents, but also a bandit who challenged the police and the army. He was a hero for some, but a villain for others.

The film does not glorify or justify his actions, but rather tries to understand his motivations and circumstances. It shows how he was pushed to the edge by the injustice and oppression he faced, and how he chose to fight back with his own means. It also shows how he paid a heavy price for his rebellion, losing his loved ones, his dignity, and his life.

The film is a tribute to the forgotten and unsung heroes of Indian sports, who sacrificed their dreams and talents for the sake of their country, but were neglected and betrayed by the system. It is also a reminder of the harsh realities of rural India, where poverty, illiteracy, violence, and corruption are rampant. It is a film that makes you think, feel, and question. 0efd9a6b88